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Numerous problems may be caused by malfunctioning of PBA components (containers):

  • Switching from POA to PBA does not work:
    • The 'Object is not available inside server' exception displayed on switch from POA to PBA
    • User is prompted to log in to PBA on switch
    • User cannot log in to PBA Control Panel using correct credentials
  • Online Store hangs on domain availability check
  • Domain name known to be free is shown as unavailable in the Online Store
  • Domain subscription service status history remains unchanged for significant period of time
  • Order can not be submitted through Online Store or Customer/Provider CP
  • Order remains in Provisioning status for too long period of time without any activity in subscription status history


  • WWW container is down or not responding.
  • Domain plug-in set up for domain zone is down or not responding.
  • TASKMAN container is down or not responding.


It is not recommended and rarely required to restart entire PBA service or even reboot the server, follow instructions below to restart particular components (containers) on PBA Application Server (PBA Management Node).

Control Panel issues

  1. Compare user passwords in PBA and POA, bring them intact if they are different
  2. Check if POA actually switches to PBA Control Panel (in POA log).
  3. Check in PBA logs if DaIly Billing Process (DBP) task is running, e.g. use the commands like below on PBA Application server:
tail -f PBA_ROOT/log/BM.log
tail -f PBA_ROOT/log/PEMGATE.log

Resource usage statistics is being collected during DBP, which may not allow WWW container to get access to PBA core. In this case wait until Daily Billing Process is finished.

If none of the symptoms are observed and PBA Control Panel is still down restart PBA WWW container:

  • Linux: # /etc/init.d/pba restart www
  • Windows: C:\> ssm restart www

Note: logs of all PBA components (containers) are located in the PBA_ROOT/log folder on PBA Application Server, where PBA_ROOT is the PBA root installation folder. The default value of the PBA_ROOT is /usr/local/bm on Linux and C:\Program Files\Parallels\PBA on Windows.

Domain availability checking issue

  1. Determine which plug-in is set-up for the problem domain zone in the Domain Manager in PBA Provider Control Panel
  2. Check plug-in log for transaction rollbacks, database locks during domain availability check in the Online Store
  3. Check if log is being updated at all: tail -f PBA_ROOT/log/<PLUGIN>.log Replace <PLUGIN> with the plug-in name in capital letters, i.e. for the Enom plug-in it is ENOM.
  4. Check if plug-in is present in the list of processes on PBA Management Node, run it if necessary.

If none of the symptoms are observed - restart the domain registration plug-in container:

  • Linux: # /etc/init.d/pba restart <PLUGIN>
  • Windows: C:\> ssm restart <PLUGIN>

Order provisioning issues

  1. Check whether there are regular tasks sitting in status Pending for long period of time and there is no Running tasks at the same time under Configuration Director > Event Manager > Active Tasks (e.g. 'Process Domains').
  2. Click the Verify Status button in pending task if any - the task should either change its status if it was completed or disappear from the list of pending tasks.

If you see the symptoms above - restart TASKMAN container:

  • Linux: # /etc/init.d/pba restart TASKMAN
  • Windows: C:\> ssm restart TASKMAN

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