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Article ID: 130732, created on Apr 30, 2017, last review on May 20, 2017

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 7.0


After following the steps for migrating a Syndication subscription to CSP, the upgrade order fails with the following message:

The order provisioning has failed.
The last error - "Parallels Operations Automation error #error_code #0, extype_id #620, module_id #db_service, Statement that is supposed to always return result return empty resultset. ' SELECT uuid, unprovided FROM aps_service_instances WHERE service_instance_id ?'

The following error is also possible:

Service provisioning has failed with unexpected system error. Please inspect the details in 'Operations' mode.

The Provisioning resource 8cc994d5-6617-4927-968c-673b5736cf6e of type 'migrations' task in OA fails with:

"message": "Unable to switch subscription's Service Plan. Please resolve an issue and restart the task. Error details: The Business Automation Plan Switch Order #3453558 has failed."


The pem.upgradeSubscription call invoked in scope of the upgrade order takes too much time to complete and finally does not fit into the default OA transaction timeout of 5 minutes or, if it's increased, into the Billing timeout of 10 minutes. This behavior is treated as a software issue PBA-78910.


As a first step, it's necessary to increase PAU transaction timeout to at least 30 minutes to start with. This time should be enough for subscriptions with a relatively large amount of objects (>2000 service users).

To complete the migration, run pem.upgradeSubscription API call manually on the OA Management Node.

The following script can be used for this purpose:

from poaupdater.openapi import OpenAPI
api = OpenAPI()
api.pem.upgradeSubscription(subscription_id=54694, service_template_id=144, custom_resource_limits=[{'resource_type_id':1001842, 'limit':'0'}, {'resource_type_id':1001880, 'limit':'0'}, {'resource_type_id':1001895, 'limit':'0'}])

where service_template_id is the target CSP service template, and the resource type limits should be extracted from the core.log file during sales order submission. Note: while copying the resource limits, substitute '=' sign with ':' and add quotes exactly per the example above.

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