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Article ID: 130687, created on Apr 20, 2017, last review on Apr 20, 2017

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  • Operations Automation 7.0


2 failovers occurred for the same hardware node in short period of time (within few hours).

As a result, there are duplicated VEs across the cluster for the VEs that were located on the failed node. OA Control Panel also shows them with Duplicate detected status.

From Virtuozzo backend side the duplicates appear in INVALID state:

[root@vz01  ~]#  prlctl list -a | grep invalid
{f324eb4f-294e-484d-adb1-425c2eb3f9a2}  invalid    CT 1000021.server-1000024-1
{6bffed22-c2d6-48c4-aa60-6168eee8bad7}  invalid    CT 1000011.server-1000032-1

The following messages from /var/log/pa/vps.log on IM server indicate 2 recover attempts for the same VE:

2017-04-07 02:28:59,444 (4fc429c6-8c6d-4c1c-8d02-a5b21dcb1d11) DEBUG Pipeline [Shared executor thread #15 @1 @INTERACTIVE] - Running pipeline #2396 [(RECOVER_VE for: VeId[1000021.server-1000024-1), created at node [im1], step 1 ([RECOVER]), mode: EXEC, state:CALLBACK, reqIs: null]

2017-04-07 04:08:34,358 (6a629ed6-761b-49d4-992f-5357f7daa746) DEBUG Pipeline [ActiveMQ Session Task-2213] - pipeline #3262 [(RECOVER_VE for: VeId[1000021.server-1000024-1]), created at node [im1], step 1 ([RECOVER]), mode: EXEC, state:CALLBACK, reqIs: null] - invoked callback for reqId 7753


Consequent node failovers are not handled correctly in OACI HA cluster. The issue is acknowledged with ID CCU-14875.


In order to remove the VEs with INVALID states, it is required to restart the Virtuozzo Dispatcher service on the nodes, where such VEs are present:

# service parallels-server restart  

After that, it is needed to use the following article to fix the state and location of all broken VEs manually:

Wrong location or status of Cloud Infrastructure Server in Control Panel

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