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Article ID: 130651, created on Apr 14, 2017, last review on Sep 12, 2017


Domain registration management through Provider Panel and Customer Panel is not possible after migration. It is impossible to renew domain registration, set registrar lock on a domain or cancel domain registration.


During the migration of domains, domain registration information and the configuration of Odin Automation plugins for integration with domain registrars are not migrated.


To enable domain registration settings management for a domain, do the following:

  1. Go to Provider Panel > Services > Domain Registrars > TLDs tab, click the top-level domain of the domain that you migrated.
  2. In the Domain Registrar and Checker menus, select the same domain registrar that was used in OBAS for this domain. Click Submit.
  3. Download the script and save it on the management node.
  4. Edit the script and substitute the correct IP addresses and passwords for OA APIs and databases:

    BAAPI - URL to Billing API (Billing node)

    BADB - Billing database (Billing database node)

    OSADB - Odin Automation Operations database (Management node)

    OSAAPI - Odin Automation OpenAPI (Management node)

    AdminLogin - Billing admin login

    AdminPassword - Billing admin password

  5. Make the file executable by issuing the command chmod +x
  6. On the management node, run the script with the following parameters:

    ./ < full-domain-name > < domain-owner-account-id > < expiration-date > [ns1] [ns2] [ns3]

    <full-domain-name> is the domain name of the migrated domain,

    <domain-owner-account-id> is the ID of the domain owner's account in Odin Automation,

    <expiration-date> is the domain registration expiration date in format "YYYY MM DD",

    [ns1] [ns2] [ns3] - these fields are optional. Omit them if the DNS zone of the domain was hosted by the OBAS name servers.

  7. After a successful execution of the script, it will output a line similar to this:

    SUCCESS:Fri Apr 14 17:52:29 +07 2017 Domain xx

When running the script on Odin Automation Premium, you are prompted to specify the password to the Odin Automation Billing database. You can look up this password on the Billing node, in the /usr/local/bm/etc/ssm.conf.d/global.conf file (the DB_PASSWD value).

After you run this script, the options to manage domain registration will become available in Customer Panel.

Now you can restore the original registrar settings that you changed in steps 1 and 2.

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