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Article ID: 130290, created on Feb 14, 2017, last review on Apr 21, 2017

Release Notes

This fix also requires BA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130684 templatestore v9

Important notes:

1.The hotfix brings new default layouts to the system:
  So if you have them customized earlier then you need to combine your customizations with new layouts. If you have them customized then you should find them here Billing>Online Store> Layout Templates. To proceed, do following:
  1.Open customized layout template.
  2 Save content of your customized layout files to your PC.
  3.Click button "Reset to default" in the system.
  4.Then insert your customizations from saved files to layouts which were reset (if you have troubles with that, please consult with support team)
  5. Describe changes in relevant field and click Save.

2.Do not set USE_EMAIL_AS_LOGIN parameter to ‘false’ if you have the Checkout screen parameter REGFORM_TYPE value set to 'Auto' or 'Short'.Such combination is not fully supported. Limitation is planned to be removed in next major release.

Hotfix creates additional setting in Online store advanced settings USE_EMAIL_AS_LOGIN. If you set this setting to false then new user in online store will be offered to enter separate login name in addition to email.

Fixed Issues

New Fixed Issues

  • PBA-78525 Store leaks sensitive data that may lead to privilege escalation

Included from BA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 130088 STORE v3

  • PBA-78298 Service user cannot be created with the same email as first staff member created in Store

Included from BA 7.0.1 HOTFIX 129887 STORE v2

  • PBA-77572 Online store set provider name for resellers stores by default.

Included from BA 7.0.0 HOTFIX 129856 STORE v1

  • PBA-77346 Security issue in Reseller Cloud Store.


This hotfix can be downloaded from here.


Use pa_updates_installer KB111323 to install this hotfix. Also this hotfix will be installed automatically during upgrade to OA 7.0.1 via pa_updates_installer.

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