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Any .es domain in Store, is shown as Not available. Pressing on whois button leads to the following message:

This TLD has no whois server, but you can access the whois database at

IP address of OBAS server is authorized on Registrar side.


Whois utility is not configured on the Store server.

Execution of "whois <example>.es" from command line produces the same output:

    # whois
    This TLD has no whois server, but you can access the whois database at

"Whois" button in Store uses the "exec" PHP function to call whois utility installed on the server where the Store is located.


  1. Please configure whois utility to link TLDs to appropriate whois servers.

    From whois man page:

    If the /etc/whois.conf configuration file exists, it will be consulted to find a server before applying the normal rules. Each line of the file should contain a regular expression to be matched against the query text and the whois server to use, separated by white space. IDN domains must use the ACE format.

    Please note that if whois does not support config file, binaries should be rebuilt from sources with options CONFIG_FILE, HAVE_LIBIDN set to correct values.

    Example of whois config file can be found here.

  2. Alternatively, it is possible to use jwhois utility, which also supports additional config file, instead of whois.

    Example of simple jwhois config file:

     # cat /etc/jwhois.conf
    whois-servers {
    type = regex;
    "\\.es$" = "";

    Note that if jwhois is used, whois.html.php template should be modified to refer to jwhois output instead of whois. Basics of store templates customization are described here.

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