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You may find detailed Migration Guide

Please learn more from an appropriate article for your source system:

There you may see a short step-by-step description of migration procedure with some common problems:

  1. Install Plesk Automation

    Before installing Plesk Automation please take a look at the following documents:

    Plesk Automation Deployment Examples

    Plesk Automation Deployment Guide

    Plesk Automation Quick Start Guide

    Plesk Automation Migration Guide

    The transfer of hosting data requires you to have a working Plesk Automation environment with service nodes that can be used as a replacement for your existing servers: All hosting data are transferred to particular Plesk Automation nodes.

    One of the most common problems is that the Migration tool does not support cross-platform migration of databases. So you will not be able to migrate MySQL databases from Windows to Linux-based server.

    For this case there is the following workaround: How to add Windows-based MySQL service

  2. Prepare and test Plesk Automation and source system:

    In order to prepare Plesk Automation system, please follow steps described in the Migration Guide

    There are some system-specific rules:

    1. For Unix system, ssh have to allow 'root' user login, all source and destination nodes;
    2. The same is for Windows system and "Administrator" login via RDP;
    3. All source nodes have to be accessible from all destination nodes, no firewall restriction;
    4. For H-Sphere migration, source PostgreSQL server, running H-Sphere database has to be configured to allow DB Administrator network connection from destination infrastructure;
    5. For Helm migration, source MSSQL server, running Helm database has to be configured to allow DB Administrator network connection from destination infrastructure;
    6. All external database servers on source have to allow appropriate DB Administrator user to connect from  destination infrastructure;
    7. Please make sure all required licenses are installed and valid for 3rd party software, used in Plesk Automation infrastructure. Smartermail is the most common issue.

    Please check an appropriate article for your source system:

    Prepare H-Sphere infrastructure for transfer

    Prepare Helm 3 infrastructure for transfer

    Prepare Helm 4 infrastructure for transfer

    Please note that the Migration tool does not perform the transfer of service plans to Plesk Automation. Therefore, you should do this manually:

    1. Create service plans (templates) in Plesk Automation that correspond to hosting plans on your source servers. Learn how to do this in the Odin Plesk Automation Operations Guide.

      Learn more about how to create Service templates at Quick Start Guide to Plesk Automation 11.5

    2. Configure subscription provisioning by assigning proper provisioning attributes to the templates. The provisioning attribute is a tag that links a plan and nodes on which the services included into the plan should be set up. Learn more about attributes in the Odin Plesk Automation: Operations Guide

    Before trying to migrate it's recommended to test newly created service templates. Create a test subscriptions using every service template which you are going to use for migration. Make sure that subscription provisioning is working properly and Task Manager does not contain any failed tasks regarding it.

    Please see one of the most common problems which may appears on this stage:

    Unable to find a proper service node for allocating the 'subscription_name' subscription.

  3. Configure Migration tool

    Since the Migration Tool tool communicates with a number of servers, you should provide it with server IP addresses, administrator's credentials, and other information. The tool is configured with the help of the config.ini file, which is not created by default.

    For your convenience, the directory /opt/panel-migrator/conf/samples/ contains several templates which you can use as a basis for creating your own config.ini.

    Please check an appropriate article for your source system:

    Configure Migration Tool for Plesk

    Configure Migration tool for Expand

    Configure Migration Tool for H-Sphere

    Configure Migration Tool for Helm 3

    Configure Migration Tool for Helm 4

  4. Prepare migration list

    To generate a transfer list, run the following command:

    # panel-migrator generate-migration-list config.ini

    After you run the command, the tool will create the migration-list file in the session directory defined in your config.ini. By the default, migration-session directory is located at /opt/panel-migrator/sessions/. You will need this file during further transfer steps.

  5. Associate Subscriptions with Plans:

    In this step you should associate subscriptions that exist on your servers with certain service plans you have imported to Plesk Automation in the previous step. This is done by adjusting the transfer list file. As all subscriptions in Plesk Automation should be associated with certain plans (templates), this step is obligatory for all hosting platforms:

    Please check an appropriate article for your source system:

    Associate Plesk subscriptions with Service Plans

    Associate Expand subscriptions with Service Plans

    Associate H-Sphere subscriptions with Service Plans

    Associate Helm 3 subscriptions with Service Plans

    Associate Helm 4 subscriptions with Service Plans

    It's recommended to consider the migration of small bunch of domains at first. In case of any errors, it would be faster and easier to troubleshoot it for small amount of domains.

    Note: You can assign subscriptions to non-existent customer accounts. In such a case, the migration tool will create the corresponding customer accounts in Plesk Automation (without any personal information prefilled) and will transfer subscriptions to them.

  6. Test selected subscriptions

    Before performing the transfer, we strongly recommend that you perform a preliminary check for possible conflicts that can cause issues during the data transfer process or even make switching to Plesk Automation impossible. Such a check is performed by the panel-migrator tool and includes a number of checks concerning various aspects of hosting panel's functionality.

    To perform the preliminary check:

    # panel-migrator check config.ini 

    Based on the check results, the tool generates a report. The report contains messages of two types:

    WARNING. These messages warn you about the potential issues that may affect your further work in Plesk Automation but are not critical for the transfer process.

    ERROR. These messages appear when a certain issue blocks the transfer. You must resolve all issues marked as ERROR before performing the transfer.

    Please refer to the following KB article with the most common errors during pre-transfer check:

    Typical errors and warnings of PA pre-migration check

    Please learn more from an appropriate article for your source system:

    Check for Possible Conflicts in Plesk

    Check for Possible Conflicts in Expand

    Check for Possible Conflicts in Helm 3

    Check for Possible Conflicts in Helm 4

  7. Migrate subscriptions

    Once all preparation steps are done, you can run the transfer process.

    To run the transfer issue the following command:

    # panel-migrator transfer-accounts config.ini

    The tool performs the transfer of your hosting data to certain service nodes.

    Please learn more from an appropriate article for your source system:

    Run transfer from Plesk

    Run transfer from Expand

    Run transfer from H-Sphere

    Run transfer from Helm 3

    Run transfer from Helm 4

    In case of any problems please feel free to contact Odin Technical Support team.

    You may send a request via the form Create Support Request at

    Please also refer to the following KB articles with common problems and questions regarding migration to Pleask Automation:

    Webmail is not available after a migration.

    After migration from H-Sphere all custom DNS records are not being arrived over.

    Which ports should be opened in a Parallels Plesk Automation infrastructure?

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    Plesk error [1005]: Protocol version '' is not supported.

    Error: Unable to copy mail content of mailbox

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    Typical errors and warnings of PPA pre-migration check

    Before migration domain and subdomain located on different servers.

    Is the migration tool capable to convert the MSSQL databases from 2005 to the 2008 format?

    How can I convert Reseller to Customer during migration to PPA?

    How can I convert several subscriptions to one subscription with multiple domains during migration?

    ERROR | Failed to check migration tool updates: Failed to execute command, non-zero exit code. See debug log for details.

    How to migrate only mailboxes with content from Expand centralized mail server?

    Parallels Plesk Automation migration/transfer compatibility scenarios

    Error while checking connection settings: 'Failed to check Plesk API at

    Error: Unable to copy the sample file from the source server

    Failed to check connections between source and the destination server nodes

    Migration from Helm fails with error

    Error: Unable to copy the sample file from the source server

    Migration fails with Conflict Resolver related error

    Migration fails with an error: "The license key 'PLSK.00000000.0000!' does not include the support for 'PostgreSQL'."

    Error "subscription 'subscription_name' is not presented on source Plesks"

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