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  • Business Automation 5.5
  • Business Automation 5.4
  • Business Automation 6.0


Provider configured discount by promo code and assigned plan A to this discount. Customer placed order to buy subscription on plan A but forgot to put promo code when placing order. How to change promo code of existing subscription to make sure it is further billed at discounted price?


Currently there is no such functionlirt in BA. There is a feature request PBA-54008 to implement it.

As workaround one of the following methods can be used:

  • Cancel subscription and then place order to buy new subscription on same service plan, specify promo code this time. Drawback of this method is that customer will lose existing services from his old subscription.

  • Place renewal order and while placing it - specify promo code: PBA Home > Operation Director > Support Manager > Subscriptions > select subscription > Renew subscription > Enter promo code. Drawback of this workaround is that you will have to extend subscription for 1 more subscription period.

  • Instead of assigning promo code, edit subscription prices, set discounted prices and set "Freeze prices" = Yes. In this case subscription will ignore prices set in service plan and will be charged according to its own price: PBA Home > Operation Director > Support Manager > Subscriptions > select subscription > Edit. Drawback of this method is that if you want to give discount only for first year, you will have to manually change prices back after 1 year. Also, if you want customer to pay 60% of plan price, use this method and later change plan price - you will need to readjust subscription prices to be 60% of new plan price.

  • Create separate discount (without promo code) with same discount rate, give to this customer only and add plan A to this discount, for details please refer to our documentation Giving Discount to Customer , Making Discount Applicable to Service Plan. Drawback of this method is that if this customer buys one more subscription on plan A - it will also be purchased at discounted price.

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