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  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.5


I have configured domain registration plug-in InterNetX in PBA-S. Domains were registered correctly with the plug-in.

Recently I've changed PBA-S hostname. Since that time I do not receive domain registration status responses for new registration. This is because "Callback e-mail address" containers address based on old hostname:

Top > Service Director > Domain Manager > Plug-ins > InterNetX > Plug-in Configuration

How to change the e-mail address in plug-in settings?


Please note that the hostname in Callback e-mail address is similar to server hostname. The email is created during plug-in configuration. Since server hostname has been changed you'll need to re-register the plug-in anew. There is no other way to change the email address - the plug-in data is encrypted in PBA-S database.


Follow these steps to configure the plug-in:

  1. Create and configure valid email on base of new hostnames, for example root@%new_hostname% or webmaster@%new_hostname%.

  2. Create new plug-in InterNetX in PBA-S:

    PCC > Top > Service Director > Domain Manager > Plug-ins > New Plug-in

    Set email address root@%new_hostname% to "Callback e-mail address".

  3. Remember to configure TLD to use new plug-in:

    PCC > Top > Service Director > Domain Manager > Plug-ins > %InterNetX_new% > TLD

  4. Reconfigure Domain Registration hosting plan for using this new plug-in for TLD:

    Top > Billing Director > Product Manager > Hosting Plans > %domain_registartion% > TLD Settings

    Mark enabled TLD near %InterNetX_new% and click "Configure TLDs". Mark enable option "Use "%InterNetX_new%" to register/transfer new TLD domains ..." and click Save.

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