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  • Operations Automation 5.4


Customer would like to delete domain that is protected by MessageLabs but corresponding task fails:

Task name   MessageLabs: Unprotect domain 'domain.tld' (domain_id = 75941; organizaiton_id = 14083)
Last execution output   Foreign key 'mlabs_protected_emails_fk_0' violation while executing ' DELETE FROM mlabs_protected_domains WHERE domain_id = ?'.


Task of type MessageLabs:Protect domain <Domain Name>.. was canceled and then it was deleted. Domain creation has not been completed normally.


  1. Check if there are some records in POA database in table mlabs_protected_emails for that domain:

    select * from mlabs_protected_domains where name like '%domain.tld%';
    domain_id   name    subscription_id org_id  sync_status last_task_id    creation_time
    75941   domain.tld  1032609 14083   d   40152607    2012-08-28 03:09:56.273
    select * from mlabs_protected_emails where domain_id=75941;
    email_id    domain_id   recipient_id    recipient_type  email   sync_status was_updated
    1472770 75941   3714757 mbx e-mail1@domain.tld  d   NULL
    1473668 75941   3714757 mbx e-mail2@domain.tld  d   NULL

    We see two emails with status 'd', whereas the ready status is 'r'. These records blocks the domain "unprotecting".

  2. Delete records from table mlabs_protected_emails :

    begin transaction t1;
    delete from mlabs_protected_emails where domain_id=75941;
    commit transaction t1;
  3. Restart failed task

  4. Please contact Symantec to check that the domain is not registered at MessageLabs side.

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