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How to migrate a physical box to a container using custom SSH ports

Article ID: 115608, created on Feb 27, 2013, last review on May 7, 2014

  • Virtuozzo
  • Virtuozzo containers for Linux
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In order to migrate a physical box to a Linux container using custom SSHD ports follow these instructions (the example is for sshd listening on the port 2200):

  1. Log on to the destination hardware node via SSH.

  2. Copy vzhwcalc binary to the source physical box:

    [root@hwnode ~]# scp -P2200 /usr/local/sbin/vzhwcalc root@myphysicalbox.tld:/root
  3. Log on to the physical box via SSH and generate the configuration file for the destination container:

    [root@myphysicalbox ~]# ./vzhwcalc > myconfig.conf

    NOTE: The output suggests folders for excluding:

    [root@myphysicalbox ~]# ./vzhwcalc > myconfig.conf
    OS distribution detection script (/tmp//usr/local/share/vzp2v/ was not found. The DISTRIBUTION parameter of the CT config must be set manually.
  4. Copy the resulting config to the destination hardware node:

    [root@myphysicalbox ~]# scp myconfig.conf root@hwnode.mydomain.tld:/root
  5. Get back to the destination hardware node shell and launch the migration excluding the directories suggested at step 3:

    [root@hwnode ~]# vzp2v root@myphysicalbox.tld:2200 -c /root/myconfig.conf --exclude=/dev/pts/* --exclude=/dev/shm/* --exclude=/proc/* --exclude=/sys/*

    NOTE: The custom SSH port is mentioned after ":"

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