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PBA-S cannot create PVC container: "can't find eid for ctid"

Article ID: 115322, created on Dec 19, 2012, last review on May 1, 2014

  • Odin Business Automation Standard


PBA-S cannot create new PVC container, the task in Action Log fails with generic error message "Operation has failed with Error Code # -5", the problem report attached to the failed task contains error message "VZA error occurs: Error invoking external utility: can't find eid for ctid=101" (where 101 is the ID of the container to be created).


The error message "VZA error occurs: Error invoking external utility: can't find eid for ctid=101" comes from PVA Agent - the software which is working on PVC (Parallels Virtuozzo Containers) server and which is used by PBA-S to perform all operation with PVC servers and containers.

The error message means that there are problems with PVA Agent functioning.


Try to restart PVA Agent software that is working on the PVC server where PBA-S is going to create container, you may find the hardware node parameters in PBA-S Provider Control Center in the list of all containers at Service Director > Virtuozzo Manager > Containers:

1. Log into the PVC server in question by SSH (PVC for Linux) or RDP (PVC for Windows)

3. Restart PVA Agent:

# /etc/init.d/pvaagentd stop
# /etc/init.d/pvaagentd start

net stop pvaagent
net start pvaagent

3. Re-execute the failed task in PBA-S Task Queue at Configuration Director > Logging and Errors > Action Log or just go to the list of all containers, check box left to the problem one and click the Create button.

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