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I need to manage a domain registered at


To manage your domains, log in to your account at

Go to Domain Names menu > My Domains to open the list of your domains and to find the one you would like to manage.

acc screenshot

Click on the domain in question to get to the Domain Control Panel with Navigation menu.

Move the mouse cursor across the Navigation icons to see what options they stand for.

Below you will find instructions on managing a domain and your personal information in the account with Odin. Specifically, here you can find information on how to:

Renew a domain

  • open the list of your domains;
  • put a tick next to the domain name you would like to renew, make sure the drop-down menu below indicates Renew selected and click on Go;
  • the renewal order will be added to your Shopping Cart;
  • click on My Cart at the top right corner of the page to proceed;
  • choose the number of years you would like to renew the domain for and click on Checkout Now;
  • when you are ready to make the purchase, click on Purchase Items.

NOTE: We accept only credit card payments.

Please note that if your domain expired, you will not find it in My Domains list. You should search in one of My Domains tab, depending on the domains status: Expiring, Expired (Expired Domains, Redemption Domains).

Change contact settings (WHOIS details)

  • click on the domain in question in My Domains list;
  • select Contact Settings icon in Navigation menu;
  • edit the contact details and save.

Please note the changes will not appear on WHOIS right away. It will take some time to propagate.

Unlock a domain and receive EPP code

  • click on General Settings from the Navigation panel.

  • tick the Disable box next to Registrar Lock and save the changes;
  • click on Send EPP Key To Registrant Email link.

Change DNS Settings

To edit DNS settings,

  • go to My Domains and select the domain in question;
  • in the Domain Control Panel, scroll down the page to find the DNS Settings section;
  • click Edit next to the option you want to update, make necessary changes and save.

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