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How to cancel virtual machine migration

Article ID: 115264, created on Dec 6, 2012, last review on May 11, 2014

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This article describes how to cancel a virtual machine migration task. To terminate migration you should implement two steps: kill migration processes on the node and restart PVA service. To kill processes on the node you should do the following actions:

  1. Kill dispatcher service with -9 option. Without this option all VMs will be stopped:

    [root@psbm ~]# ps aux |grep disp
    root        2364  2.3  0.1 5429188 85092 ?       Sl    2012 1358:45 /usr/sbin/prl_disp_service --mode ps --pidfile /var/run/
    root      941202  0.0  0.0   6376   712 pts/4    S+   13:28   0:00 grep disp
    [root@psbm ~]# kill -9 2364

    The process can be killed with the following command either:

    [root@psbm ~]# killall -9 prl_disp_service
  2. If dispatcher has not been started automatically, start it:

    [root@psbm ~]# /usr/sbin/prl_disp_service --mode ps --pidfile /var/run/
  3. Compare list of running virtual machines with virtual machine's processes on the server:

    [root@psbm ~]# ps aux |grep prl_vm_app
    root      303264  5.1 12.8 136452824 6354948 ?  Sl   Jan29 439:20 /usr/lib64/parallels-server/prl_vm_app {d0e44665-182a-4743-8df8-8ac1569f8d53} {c82639c1-9a96-41dc-b4b9-8cc9f034d138} ps
    root      341642  6.0 17.1 136365880 8471312 ?  Sl   Jan29 509:52 /usr/lib64/parallels-server/prl_vm_app {bdd65227-9592-0543-987f-076cb41f6aad} {c82639c1-9a96-41dc-b4b9-8cc9f034d138} ps
    root      766763  3.1  2.3 136600908 1153612 ?   Sl   Jan31 208:47 /usr/lib64/parallels-server/prl_vm_app {cedcbc8b-9ce0-d547-91b3-59bb8758cedb} {c82639c1-9a96-41dc-b4b9-8cc9f034d138} ps
    root      789789  4.1 3.1  136600649  12319 ?      Sl   Jan31 328:00 /usr/lib64/parallels-server/prl_vm_app {3f85aa78-d1aa-4ebd-88ce-b23c18294885} {c82639c1-9a96-41dc-b4b9-8cc9f034d138} ps
    root      941199  0.0  0.0   6376   720 pts/4    S+   13:28   0:00 grep prl_vm_app
    [root@psbm ~]# prlctl list
    UUID                                    STATUS       IP_ADDR         NAME
    {bdd65227-9592-0543-987f-076cb41f6aad}  running        -              vm1
    {cedcbc8b-9ce0-d547-91b3-59bb8758cedb}  running        -              vm2
    {d0e44665-182a-4743-8df8-8ac1569f8d53}  running        -              vm3

    As we can see, there is no {3f85aa78-d1aa-4ebd-88ce-b23c18294885} virtual machine running, but we can see it's process; In this case we should kill it:

    [root@psbm ~]# kill -9 789789
  4. Check if virtual machine's disk is not locked by any process:

    [root@psbm ~]# lsof | grep <hdd_name>

    If there are any processes - kill them.

Parallels Virtual Automation Management Node

Go to Parallels Virtual Automation > Management > Task Log, select the migration task and click Cancel.

Also it is possible to terminate all tasks at once by restarting Parallels Virtual Automation Management Node daemon:

    [root@pvamn ~]# pvamn restart

And restart PVA Agent on source and destination nodes:

    [root@psbm ~]# pvaagent restart

Note: all backup, restore and migration tasks on the server will be terminated

Parallels Management Console (for Parallels Server)

Simply close Parallels Management Console window where migration task is running.

Command Line

Terminate pmigrate command by pressing Ctrl+C.


Restart PVA Agent on source and destination nodes:

    [root@psbm ~]# pvaagent restart

Note: all backup, restore and migration tasks on the server will be terminated

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