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Database server selection algorithm in PPA

Article ID: 115206, created on Nov 26, 2012, last review on Sep 15, 2014

  • Plesk Automation


PPA allows to register several database servers to host customers databases. The article describes how you can set the exact server for customers' databases on their subscriptions.

Follow steps below to give ability for customers to create databases:

  1. Include resource based on the 'Database Service' Resource class into the Service Template. Limit for this resource should be set to 1. The resource defines possibility to create databases, but not the amount of databases.

  2. Set the limit for the sub-resources 'Number of DATABASE_TYPE databases' on the 'IIS Webspace' or 'Apache webspace' resources.
    Where DATABASE_TYPE value is:
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
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The resource based on the 'Database Service' Resource class has the following properties:
  • Activation parameters
    • Database server type
    • Port
    • IP address
  • Provisioning attributes
Based on the combination of these properties, PPA defines database server for the customer. Selection algorithm is shown at the table below:

IP address value Provisioning attribute Result
IP address of the database server any or empty Database server with the specified IP address
Automatic IP (IP address field is empty) No attribute Unsupported configuration.
Provisioning will fail with the error.
Automatic IP (IP address field is empty) 'WebHost' attribute The same server with web hosting
Automatic IP (IP address field is empty) Any attribute, e.g. MySQL Server with the assigned attribute

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