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Keep Web Presence Builder servers up-to-date

POA is integrated with the different Web Presence Builder versions by different ways. Integration with Sitebuilder 4.5 is done through the Sitebuilder service controller. Integration with the later version of Web Presence Builder is done through the APS controller.

There is no upgrade possibility from the Sitebuilder 4.5 to the latest version of Web Presence Builder. In fact we can consider that Sitebuilder 4.5 and Web Presence Builder are different products.
However, Web Presence Builder has ability to import web site created with Sitebuilder 4.5. See the Web Presence Builder documentation for more details.

Depending on which version you use follow the corresponding instruction to keep Web Presence Builder server up-to-date:

Web Presence Builder

Follow POA documentation to get Web Presence Builder servers updated to the most recent version: See the section Integration with Parallels Automation for Web Presence.

Note that POA 5.4 does not support Web Presence Builder earlier than version 11.0. Read the following article about upgrade procedure from version 10.3 to version 11.0
Upgrade of Parallels Web Presence Builder from 10.3 to 11.0
Also check the general article about updating APS applications:
[POA Maintenance Guide] Update APS Applications

Sitebuilder 4.5

Follow the official Parallels documentation to get Web Presence Builder (former Sitebuilder) servers updated to the most recent version:

For example, for Sitebuilder version 4.5, see instructions in the Administrator’s guide:

Additional information

See the global article #113946 Parallels Automation Maintenance Guide for checking other important settings.

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