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Content of all NG web sites is stored on NFS server(s). Multiple NFS v3 file systems are supported; all NFS file systems are mounted to all web-servers in NG cluster through automount. Logparser caches and checkpoints are stored on NFS share in pem/etc/logparser directory.

NFS server has to support remote user quotas management. Parallels provides own quota RPM package with enabled remote quota management to be installed on NFS servers. The RPM package and the configuration script are delivered by Parallels and can be found in the POA distribution.

Provider may also compile quota package with RPC quota management on their own using the instruction below:

  • Download and unpack linuxquota source package on the Shared Storage server, e.g. from this location:
  • Compile and install the quota package on the NFS server. During the compilation, enable the rpcsetquota configuration option - it allows setting user quotas using Remote Procedure Call (RPC). The configuration command may be as follows: ./configure --with-ext2direct=no --enable-rootsbin --enable-rpcsetquota

Standard Linux NFS server can be used as well as specialized NAS devices. Several physical storage devices/servers are recommended for high availability. If the device supports some other than RPC rquota management implementation, it can be integrated by the customization of quota controlling scripts, see the article Custom quota management scripts for more details.

Shared storage is configured in the /etc/exports file on NFS server, e.g.:# cat /etc/exports

NFS share is being mounted automatically on demand on the web server when it receives request for web site stored on the particular NFS share. After idle timeout NFS share is being unmounted automatically as well.

Use the showmount utility to see the list of exported NFS shares on a particular server:# showmount -e
Export list for

See the main Knowledgebase article #114326 Linux Shared Hosting NG: General Information, Best Practices and Troubleshooting for more information about NG Hosting in Parallels Automation.

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